The english translation of the name Fioredoro means “golden flower”, it was a family ancient foundling’s surname and today it is unique all over the world..
For the founder, Angela, it represents all she wants to convey in one word, family bond and strong sense of tradition, natural value of materials, precious beauty kept in the simplest things.

Angela Cipriani started the design studio and label with her mum in 2016, during that time they developed together many products.
They both have the ability to handle large and complex projects, they realized they made the perfect team and are by far determined in building their brand.

They’re on a mission to design inspiring toys with an open end that allows children to fully engage with their imaginative imitation of daily life, build real life skills and inspire them as well.

Form, function and materials of the products sense users on a creative interaction and provide room for personal taste and shaping of one’s own design, those are features of Fioredoro.

The label, uses local handicraft business for the manufacturing of toys and play-boards for waiting rooms.

In her creative work Angela pays special attention to the fact that materials and surfaces are particularly suitable for children, inviting them to play and be creative themselves.
Angela and Grazia
Her designs integrate aesthetically functional play solutions into the every day family living, reinventing the traditional pretend toy design with a modern touch.

After having studied engineering, Angela started working into a carpenter workshop to be directly in touch with rough materials. However the transition into working with toys originated when she became passionate with Waldorf pedagogy and was looking for a practical and well designed solid toy shop. She couldn’t find one and therefore designed her own. She received a patent on the way you connect the modules, from being a massive wooden stall you can easily assembly and disassembly it many times without any tools, this is what makes Bazar unique and it became the inspiration for her present brand Fioredoro.

Inspired by Montessori and Waldorf guideline Fioredoro wants to create well made, practical, attractive and educational play things, lovingly handmade for children and designed to last for a long time.

Her latest designs -Unicorn- is a wall decor with play functions. Thanks to the cooperation with a friend Grazia and a local semifinished wooden products manufacturer company managed by Cataldi brothers, Fioredoro had the chance to make new playboards currently launched on Kickstarter looking for support to test the market appreciation and raise funds to make molds.

And now, if you want to be a part of this history, here is where you can come into play!