Descrizione Progetto

Who is Erbse?

It’s a play-board conceived to entertain children while waiting for a dental visit.

Erbse is a playmate, a wide-open jawed crocodile waiting for small dentists to take care of his teeth. When a child meets Erbse he immediately undertakes the discovery of the available tools placed on the panel and with the threading he discovers the functioning of the orthodontic device.

With Erbse children are guided to achieve a proper dental hygienic performance.

Erbse con bambini

“Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember.
Involve me and I learn.”

Benjamin Franklin

Many advantages to children, parents and professionals



Erbse can make the waiting highly educational since it’s an efficient aid for doctors and parents to show the children “how do things well” inspired by every day life activities of the Montessori method.

Threading and aligning the crocodile’s teeth, the child understands how braces work while developing his motility and hand-eye coordination.

Not Afraid Anymore

Not afraid anymore

When children gain experience playing, the toy becomes the engine as well as the expression of their development.

Getting to know the dentist’s tools and how to use them, before a visit, helps them to settle in the new environment and get over their anxiety.

Functional Design

Functional design

Such a design meets two needs, combining functionality and pleasantness in a harmony of shape and use. The final results is something interactive, simple and adaptable to any waiting room.

Stress-reducing effects

Functional play diverts children attention keeping them busy and involved in something pleasant.

Make New Friends

Make new friends

The large size of the play-totem allows several children to play together helping them make new friends.

Added Value

Added value

It supports parents in a dismal moment like their children’s visit making it easier and helps the professional to offer high quality additional service to his clients and build loyalty.

Hands-on learning

To demonstrate, here is a video example showing how effective it is.

The pediatric psychologist’s advice

Dr. Sara Carbone

“Erbse helps the child to get over the fear of the unknot welcoming and protecting him. It becomes a way to take a traumatic experience under control since it promotes positive effects which develop the child’s self-control – Dr. Sara Carbone

What is it made up of?

Erbse strumenti dentistici

What is it made up of?

Erbse is a joint assembled, wooden and plexiglass play-totem.

18 big mobile teeth placed on the two dental arches are rotated manually to simulate two different effects:

  • Crooked/straight teeth – Crooked teeth can be straightened and aligned with braces.
  • Rotten/healthy teeth – Children can take care of the teeth surface. On the panel there are some pieces of advice and tools to carry out a perfect dental hygiene: toothbrush, interdental brush, floss, mirror, saliva ejector and a lamp.

Other tools we would like to make

We have already tought about how to make the waiting more and more enjoiable.
How? We have designed two prototypes complementary to Erbse play-totem. And two different interactive pads to entertain patients or clients while sitting (mettere link teeth oppure rendere interactive pads clikkabile per indirizzamento a teeth).

Electic toothbrush
Battery-powered electronic toothbrush

spazzolino elettrico

Liquid hourglass
It’s a way to make children learn how long they should brush their teeth taking the right time to that as well as children can use tool too.


Current status

We have developed full size design prototypes and we’ve been testing various accessories. Fioredoro spent a lot of time nailing an easy mounting system to make it solid and easy to build. We actually came up with such a clever mounting solution that is easy to ship too.
We have our manufacturer of wood in Italy, who also contributes to the realization.

Improving its design, choosing softer colours and higher quality materials, we hope to make it visually more agreeable so that it fits in any kind of environment and meets both children and adults’ tastes.

We have our manufacturer for textile parts ready, just need to place the order. Production will take app 35 days and we have the network in China to produce moulds (the teeth, tools and the brackets). 3D and 2D models are in progress, the moulding will take 6-8 weeks.

Everything is working perfect and if don’t , we’ll do some adjustment and keep going.
Last but not least, we have a highly competent and dedicated team in our town, ready to rock, sweat and work butts off to see Fioredoro take off in production asap.

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