The waiting or the anxiety of a check can represent “stressful” situations, not only for a child but for the whole family.

Before start making play-boards we started to ask questions like “How come we usually find only tables and chairs to sit in a waiting room? How we can entertain a children in something pleasant (that’s not a screen activity) during the waiting? How come most gear for kids and babies makes messy and it never appealed to us, the parents? What if we could turn the waiting into a worthwhile moment with a little play?”

The idea comes a rather simple by giving children what they are most interested on, real professional stuff.

So we started to sketch out things as we’d like and now we have made it our mission to care and support families being attentive to their needs and feelings and nurture children imagination in everyday-life outdoor with a little play.

Why should you have a little play in your waiting room?

We believe that pretend play has got high educational potential and placed into a work environments can offer best waiting experience, simplifying parents life by providing clever products built on a functional design developed for kids but designed for you.

Benefits for parents and other customers

  • Gives welfare and improves comfort indoors wherever there’s a child
  • Simplifies parents life while shopping or during dismal situation like the waiting in a positive way
  • Is pleasant for adults and interesting for children

Benefits for children

  • Satisfies their desire of experimenting
  • Child-sized tools make them feel more involved in daily activities 
  • Helps to get over the fear of the unknown making them feel welcomed and protected 
  • Entertains and diverts their attention keeping them busy and involved in something pleasant letting time pass without realizing it
  • Expresses personal development and teaches them how to do themselves
  • Is screen-free interactive
  • Helps making new friends

Benefits for professionals

  • Offers high quality additional service to the clients
  • Increases customer time in business activities
  • Builds customers loyalty 
  • Adds value to the work environment 
  • Furnishes the waiting room and is easy to clean

What makes our play-boards different?

They are pleasant for adults ad interesting for children.
We develop different educational pretend game, for good quality time, specifically designed for any working environment, each play-board concerns the work activity carried out where it is placed and it can also be customized on request.

We chose to create a realistic play that kids can touch with their hands, following the Montessori proposition that kids learn best by experiencing the environment around them. When children emulate what they have experienced, the toy becomes a motor and, at the same time, the expression of their personal development.
Discovering real tools and pretending to brush teeth or making braids, the time pass without realizing it and learning these skills from an early stage creates a natural tendency to assimilate this content in a more efficient way

Being our partner means to be attentive to every day needs and feelings of parents and children, care and support them. We take seriously what we do to ensure that our products are safe and reliable and meet high quality standards. Our badge makes the statement of our values and it will be the recognition sign of every kids-friendly place.

marchio partner firendly

Fioredoro and.. ?

Fioredoro is a small business of fair, fabulous and funny play-things, we believe that cooperation between people can bring this project to life and launch a little collection, so we’ll keep working to serve also shops, restaurants, hotels, family bar..

and this call is open to you, if you appreciate our project we invite you to come into play now speeding up our production with your support by sharing or pre-ordering our play-things and be a part of our family. Your help will be very useful to bear mold costs and spread our kid-friendly stuff for business.

Featured products


Hair tools

Hair tools The play boards are our initial products, we have already thought about how to make the waiting more and more enjoyable. With our hair tools


Pepe & Milana

Pepe & Milana Play-handmirrors for children at hairstylist Magnetic hairstyles! A little hand wooden play mirror, given to a child while waiting or cutting his hair may help



Who is Erbse? It's a play-board conceived to entertain children while waiting for a dental visit. Erbse is a playmate, a wide-open jawed crocodile waiting for small dentists to take care



Teeth Pads for entertainment at dental waiting rooms Provide the waiting room with pads for the kid's entertainment, a play kit with two different sensory wooden tablets to discover while sitting.


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