Valerio Pastore

Valerio Pastore – Comics Artist

Illustration is important to us here at Fioredoro to allow fun and even the wackiest ideas to flourish.
Like children, we dream up toys and games that everyone can enjoy, that will give opportunities for dreams, laughter and discovery.
Supported by the talented illustrator @valeriopastore we sketch out and design our ideas …and from this creative fervour are born toys.

Creativity with children in mind..

Quality and aesthetics are essential to us, as much as the practicalities of making and playing with our products. We are driven by awakening children’s sense of wonder, enriching their imagination, making them want to continue discovering.
So, with close attention to detail, step-by-step hints and beautiful illustrations we gently guide children through our activities, in an understandable and captivating way that everyones will really love!

I feel lucky to work on such amazing project where we can bring an idea to life with the help of Valerio Pastore, author of several comics artworks such as “Raymond Carver: a story” edited by Beccogiallo about the writer’s biography and “Horses” a graphic novel edited by Noreply where Patty Smith’s lyrics and music are translated into illustration and presented as comics..
He is currently running his art studio “Art in the box” in Gioia del Colle where he works on projects related to comics, illustration and graphic design; he is also working as comics teacher for art schools.
Valerio is very open to any new ideas, so, when I asked him to make drawings for children’s products for the first time, he was such intrigued on this uncommon request he has happily accepted.

Making illustrations is both fun and challenging.

The process itself is breezy. Usually I take the time to meet him in person if I can, as a way for us to fully connect with our aesthetic language. If we’re not around in the area, we would exchange ideas online just to set a direction to where the artwork is headed.

I do some initial sketches based on my idea and the practicalities of design, which he then develops. It’s a balancing act, calling for constant communication, Valerio has become a part of the team and we truly work together.

To get the best out of our collaboration, we had to work very closely to make sure that we remained true to both his style and the Fioredoro brand, producing works that would look great non only for the product design but also for the graphics, instructions and packaging.

The joy of creating

While working, I’m always so curious about what he will bring to the table and get blown away if it is different or way better than my imagination. It’s a silly, fun feeling.

Valerio’s style expressed the essence of the project so well, in a way we never expected, and his distinctive trait brought uniqueness to our work.

He has entirely designed brand identity, the logo, a daisy with the unfinished outline to express the “open-end” way to play, the little boy mascotte Oskar you can meet on our web page and packaging, instruction and even some toy’s shape and design!

I think collaborating with an artist like him inspired me to create and explore more! I find that this collaboration help push the brand and its projects in new directions, along the way, for an example, his receding beautiful mermaids of the graphic novel “Slow rhythm under the sea” (edited by Hyppostyle, graphic novel inspired by the song “Canzone a Manovella” (Crank handle Song) of Vinicio Capossela) have inspired our mermaid play-board.
It was a real labour of love, but working with Valerio is a dream for me as I collect his book covers.

Each project involves a lot of work, and a lot of adjustment, but an open, honest and truly collaborative approach ensures the best results everywhere.

There’s something really special when collaborating with an artists, it’s fun to see what we can create when we combine our creative forces together. Other than seeing what cool things we can create, it’s also a really nice way to create a long lasting friendship.

Thank you Valerio for your great contribution to Fioredoro!