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Saverio Cirillo - Digital Marketer

Some of the brains and muscles behind Fioredoro – Angela Cipriani and Saverio Cirillo

I always wonder who is behind a brand, so I decided to share a little story about us.

Meet @save.cirillo, he is a digital marketer and runs his own project at of creative digital marketing and tailored services for start-ups and low-budget companies.

I was at school with him and now, that he has came back from his latest job experience in Milan, he is the designer and manager of the new Fioredoro webpage.

Let me say more about how we decided to collaborate and give you some piece of advice.

I was embracing the Kickstarter idea cause Fioredoro simply cannot afford to take toys to the production, much less to improve the old website or launch a marketing campaign.

It wasn’t until Saverio told me about the importance of a web presence that I realized I need his help.

While your Kickstarter campaign page is going to be crucial to the success of your project, it’s important not to ignore the benefits of creating your own website as well you should take full advantage of them especially in the weeks before the launch. Having a website lets you build up your information and communicate in such a way that truly reflects your brand.

Honestly I was worried about any cost but luckily he offered me a collaborative solution as he is specialized in driving and helping creators like me at each and every stage of running a project on the web.

Let’s work together

So, he has soon become a part of the team rather than an entity outside of it. He cheers for us and truly understand what it means to be a brand new company with marketing needs with very short notice, being always extremely accomodating and flexible while we have been working hard to buid our new identity on the web.

Most importantly, he is providing the bridge to connect us to our potential backers. Until now, working with him resulted in a great website for the brand, a seamless transition and integration into our network and fulfillment, and help growing the social media presence. If you also don’t have an existing social presence, it’s a good idea to create one. Facebook pages, Twitter feeds, Instagram accounts can be great ways of reaching potential backers and the platform you have to focus on should be the one your audience engages with the most. When your campaign launches you’ll want to drive as many potential backers to thatKickstarter page as possible, and sharing is a powerful tool to accomplish this goal.

Saverio runs a team that cares about your brand and will be there for you 24/7. As a start-up company, that’s vital ..because anything can happen at any moment. Whit them, you’ll know there’s always a team watching your back.
Is a full-service marketing agency, which means his photography and videography services are often utilized in tandem with other services including social media strategy and management, website design, and marketing.
Can you imagine how much time are we saving, as they took even one of those tasks, off our daily plate, to let us focus on toy developing only?

We started to look like a great team, I rely on strong partnerships who work and grow into a closely collaboration like us, and I love that we all comes from such a varied background.

He cares that our business looks good to our clients. Using photography, videography, and custom graphics, helps capture the short attention spans of today’s consumers to spread our values. He identifies the right resources and leverage the available digital tools for your business today to make a real difference tomorrow.

When Saverio works with us, I know he is always looking for a way to do better and achieve more, always remaining consistently positive and genuinely happy to deliver exactly what our vision is. We look forward to collaborating with him for a very long time.