Today as you read this, I challenge you to see the world through the eyes of a child and awaken to a completely new world.

Chairs, stack of magazines, silent people.. this is how a child usually experience a waiting room. He knows he has to be quiet and wait for its turn, but at the same time he feels curious and involved with all his senses to explore the environment. Browses a magazine, moves his feet, moves his body, look at things inside the new environment. These are just the first few things a child does “to connect” to the new environment..

If we all could see the world through the eyes of a child, we would see the magic in everything… I just love this and it’s so true! Just sit back for a bit and watch your child play, they dream, create and imagine.

For a child playing is a key tool to build up their relationships, education and culture. Playing helps children develop personal strength and self-confidence which contributes to their stability and independence. At Fioredoro we like to experiment and create toys which have the capability to involve and stimulate children. All our toys are designed to let children create their own worlds when they play and so will play… more and more!

Children have a strong trust that anything they want to do is possible and, not only that, simple to accomplish. They have not been weighed down by limitations and impossibilities. They have an “ease with the world”. They are ambitious.

It is so important that we as parents nurture this aspect of childhood. As life goes on the world around can tend to shut us down and close off this wonderful way of being. Allow your children to be children support their dreams and believe in them, in turn they will believe in themselves.