Panted Stage

We have received the communication from Mise, the patent pending about Bazar has been finally filed! Such a proud moment because even if I had no idea about how to write a good patent application, I decided to move a step on Bazar originality safeguard anyway.

I confess it has been really hard for me, patent, safety tests, conformity declaration, suppliers finding, and any adjustment, they were all unknown challenges to me and I did it all for Bazar, for the first time. I feel particularly bond to this wooden play stand, it comes from a pencil sketch.. firsts joints tries were made of cardboard, dough and wood waste. Now you can manage to assemble Bazar without instruction and the patented method for assembling we have developed for Bazar is easy to use. Hurray!

The patented mounting system makes Bazar non only easy to assembly without any tools but it also makes Bazar last for a long time because joints and slots avoid wooden threading to loose.

Panted Stage

It’s intuitive and I’ve even seen some older kids mounting Bazar all by themselves!
With a timeless design and a clever handwork, Im sure it can pass through generations.

The reason why I decided to make mounting easy with this system was to increase its heigh letting children to play standing and not on their knees, to keep a proper posture.

So, it’s

made it with few wooden parts easy to store and move.

This design makes a solid hardwood stand resistant to the brace both versatile to play when and wherever you want.

It took 2 years of crossed fingers for filing, I’m sure many things could be improved but I will continue to do my best for the next products. We always take seriously what we do to ensure that our products are safe and reliable and meet high quality standards. Now the only parts that are missing are little happy faces play the grocery.