This is important, guys!

We’re currently launching our Erbse play-board project for dental waiting rooms on Kickstarter, the worlds largest platform for crowdfunding!
Our goal is to collect 30.000,00€ in order bear molds’ cost and we really hope to get enough backers to help us bring it to the production.
Small businesses without investors like us rely on you and on crowdfunding to take a project to the next level.
So we need your help to back, support, share and cheer.
Everyone who contribute will of course get a special reward and be one of the very first ones to receive our play-things! The most exclusive pledges are limited so act fast.
Let’s do this!

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How about you
can you see the world through a child’s eyes?

We’re on a mission to make the waiting rooms more kid-friendly places with our design.

We believe in simplifying parents life by providing clever products built on a functional design. Read more

Children’s imagination is a super power that makes everything possible and toys are the closest things to this magic!
We believe that all starts playing!

Play Fioredoro means play with design, pretend and inspire as well, be creative.
We develop play things with an open end that allow children to fully engage with their imaginative imitation of daily life and build real life skills at the same time.
Such a design meets two needs, combining functionality and pleasantness in a harmony of shape and use. The final result is something interactive, simple and adaptable to any environment.
We hope your little ones will enjoy playing with these toys as much as we love making them.

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